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  • FIND. Search for deals like a maniac without breaking a sweat. Comb through “live” MLS data using investor-friendly search tools. Automate your searches and get a constant stream of potential deals that match your criteria.
  • ANALYZE. Escape “analysis paralysis” forever. Confidently evaluate your deal in just a few minutes with our point-n-click decision engine. Get market analytics, sales comps, rental comps, and more all in one place.
  • MAKE OFFERS. Click your way into your next deal. Make offers on real estate with no paper, no fax, no pen, and no headaches. Plus, get access to a local licensed agent who can help you close the deal.

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  • Investor-Friendly MLS Search Tools
  • Automated Bird-dogging
  • Unlimited Comp Reports
  • Comp Analyzer
  • Offer Wizard
  • Access to the Dallas -Fort Worth Market
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5 Reasons why Investway is a "Must Have" Tool for Residential Real Estate Investors

Grant T.

"I am a real estate investor and use your service multiple times each day as I evaluate different properties. I think it is more than fair to say that Investway is one of our primary tools in evaluations. Thank you for the great job you are doing, and for your wonderful customer service."

Dave P.

"I use Investway daily. No more calling my REALTOR buddies for favors. I receive great comps in seconds. Thanks for your site."

  • You don’t have the luxury of time on your side.

    The best deals go fast. So if you’re waiting on a real estate buddy to present deals to you and give you comps and other market data, then it’s probably already cost you the deal. With Investway, you are empowered with the tools you need to quickly and accurately find, analyze and make offers on a deal within moments.

  • You need unbiased data and opinions.

    You should only make large financial decisions based on unbiased sources of information. If you’re getting your comps and market data from a real estate buddy, there will always be the nagging thought in the back of your head whether you’ve been given complete data, without bias or error. Our comps give you a complete picture of market activity in an easily digestible format without bias or error. We include Active--property currently for sale; Pending-- property under contract; Sold-- property that has sold; Expired/Withdrawn-- property that was recently listed but did not sell. With our comps, you can confidently determine true market value, the pace of market-turnover, and the general economic health of a particular neighborhood, subdivision, or area.

  • You need advanced investor-friendly search tools.

    Having access to the MLS is great. Having access to live MLS data with investor-friendly search tools is better. Investway’s search tools include price-per-square-foot, price drops, seller types, occupant types, time-on-market, visual mapping tools, key word searches, vacancies, property age, and more.

  • You need automation on your side.

    Let Investway be your Bird-dog that never rests and never sleeps. Make the deals come running to you. Automate your searches and get a steady stream of potential deals waiting for your review every day. Save your sanity, your time, and your money.

  • Help is still just a call away.

    Investway’s online tools help empower you with the efficiency you need to thrive as a real estate investor. However, our online tools do not replace expert advice you may receive from a REALTOR. Our members have the option (not the obligation) of working with our highly-trained Investment Ready REALTORS.

Common Questions

How do I cancel my membership?

Membership is automatically renewed each billing cycle until you notify us of cancelation. You can cancel at any time, for any reason. To cancel, you can visit the myProfile section when you’re logged in, or you can simply contact us and indicate your wish to cancel.

What areas does Investway serve?

Investway currently serves the major Dallas - Fort Worth area.

Where does Investway get its data?

We derive our data directly from the local REALTOR'S MLS, public records, and other sources. Data is “live” and updated several times daily. For more details on where our data comes from, please see our blog post “Where Does Investway Get Its Data?

Is this the same MLS data that a licensed real estate agent uses or does it vary slightly?

While there is some information which we don’t display such as security codes, agent-to-agent remarks, agent contact details, etc. all the MLS property data you need to find and make informed decisions is there.

Can I use my own REALTOR, or am I required to use an Investway REALTOR?

In short, yes, you may use any REALTOR. We are a licensed real estate brokerage, and we exclusively work with real estate investors, and we want your business. However, we don’t force you to use us as your agent. We want to earn your trust and your business. There is one exception: if you have an exclusive buyer representation agreement with another REALTOR, then you may not use our service.

What is a comp and why is it so important?

A comparative market analysis, also known as a comparable or comp, gives you true market data to compare property and determine values. Investway’s comps include active, pending, sold, and expired property to help you make a reasonable analysis of property value. Check out our blog post “How Understanding Comps Can Improve Your Game.