Can I make ”low-ball” offers on Investway?

One of the policies we have for using our online OfferWizard (coming soon) is that all offers must be within 80% of the list price, or you must provide valid reasons to the listing agent that justify the low offer price. Justifications include:

–          Comps showing the listing price is too high
–          Repair estimates
–          Inspections
–          Pictures
–          Quick cash close
–          Property has been on the market for a long time, etc.

What we don’t do is submit arbitrary low ball offers. We’ve found it’s a lot of work for a lot of nothing, and it actually damages your and our reputations as serious real estate professionals. You are welcome, of course, to submit your low-ball offers directly to the listing agent; you just can’t use our online system to do it. The reality of today’s marketplace is that there are plenty of great priced properties, particularly if you have cash to close and can close quickly.

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