Can I make offers for property on Investway?

Yes! We are a licensed brokerage. To submit offers, you may email [email protected] for help in submitting an offer.

In the near future, we will provide an Offer Wizard, where you can make offers digitally, using state-approved forms. We will auto-fill your info, making contracts easy to submit. A few rules, however.

1) Before accessing our OfferWizard feature, we require you to take our free online OfferWizard class. This class reviews the legal and contractual aspects of submitting offers. It also helps you prepare better offers that are more likely to get accepted. We also review how to best utilize our OfferWizard software. The class is about 1 hour in length and is required for all experience levels to protect both us and you from the legal implications associated with real estate investing. Check our [Events] section (coming soon) to select a date and sign up.

2) Generally, we do not allow “low-ball” offers using our system unless you have reason to back up your low offer (with pictures, estimates, inspections, etc.) We have found that “low-ball” offers only hinder relationships we have established with other real estate agents in the cooperative industry we work in. Offers less than 80% of asking price are considered “low-ball.”

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