Can I use my own REALTOR, or am I required to use an Investway REALTOR?

In short, yes, you may use any REALTOR. We are a licensed real estate brokerage, and we exclusively work with real estate investors, and we want your business. However, we don’t force you to use us as your agent. You can use our service and opt to work with another agent if you desire.

There is one exception: you may not have an exclusive buyer representation agreement with another REALTOR and use our service. If you have an exclusive agreement with another agent, then, naturally, your agent should be the one providing you with real estate information.

We are allowed under MLS rules and regulation to provide our data and service to “clients” and “potential clients.” Once you sign an exclusive buyer agency contract with another agent, you cease to be qualified as a “potential client,” and we can’t provide our service to you. Exclusive agency agreements usually aren’t a problem with most investors, since most don’t like to sign them.

The bottom line, you aren’t obligated to use us to purchase or sell your property, but if you do sign a buyer representation agreement with another agent, you should let us know, and we will need to cancel your service. This does not apply to listing agreements, as we exclusively work as a buyer agency.

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