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Product/Service Questions

Do you require long-term commitments with your customers?

No. We work with many investors who only purchase one property at a time and use our service only until they find and close on that deal. They cancel and then return later when they are ready for the next deal.

Do you offer a free trial? I want to evaluate your software.

To keep our prices low and affordable for all, we do not currently offer a free trial. There are no membership contracts; you can just pay month-to-month as you go. You can cancel and re-join at any time. You are also fully protected by our 30-day money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our service, just let us know within the first 30 days, and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

What areas does Investway serve?

Investway currently serves the Dallas area. For details on which counties that includes, please see our blog post on “What Areas Does Investway Cover?”

Where does Investway get its data?

We derive our data directly from the local REALTOR’s MLS in the areas that we currently serve. Data is “live” and updated several times daily. For more details on where our data comes from, please see our blog post “Where Does Investway Get Its Data?”

How often is your data updated?

MLS data is “live” and updated several times daily.

Is this the same exact MLS service offered to real estate agents with a license or does it vary slightly?

While there is some information which we don’t display such as security codes, agent to agent remarks, agent contact details, etc., all the MLS property data you need to find and make a decision is there.

What is a comp and why is it so important?

A comparative market analysis, also known as a comparable, or comp, gives you true market data to compare property and determine values. There are two types of market analysis; both are critical in understanding the market. A competitive market analysis shows what is currently on the market for sale. This helps determine market supply and how a property you want to sell “competes” with other for-sale property. A comparative market analysis shows what has recently sold—important in establishing what the market was willing to pay for similar property in the recent past. Investway’s comps include actives (currently for sale), solds, and expireds which will provide you all the data you need to make reasonable analysis of property value.

How long does it take to receive my comps via email? Why am I not receiving comps to my email address? Why do you have to deliver comps via email?

After you hit “submit” on a comp, you should get a message that says your comps are sent. Once you get this notice, your comps have left our servers and are on their way to your inbox. If there is a delay of more than a minute or two, check your junk email folder.

To avoid future emails going to your junk folder, be sure to add the following addresses to your “safe senders” list: (for comp reports) (for email alerts of listings) (for customer service communications)

If your comps didn’t even make it to your “junk” folder, then it is most likely that your Email Service Provider (ESP) flagged the email as SPAM, and never sent it to you. Mail providers are constantly changing and trying to improve their spam filtering, so it is possible that you were receiving your comps just fine until changes were made by your ESP. For more info on how to solve problems related to your ESP, check out this blog post “We’re at the Mercy of the ISP Gods”

Our most trusted email provider that regularly delivers comps without issue is If your email provider is not delivering our comps, consider creating a free gmail account.

Why do we have to deliver comps via email? Per MLS Licensing Rules and Regulations, we are required to email you comps. We are not allowed to link to them directly on our website.

Can I get a corporate license to use Investway for my entire team?

Yes. Contact us and tell us what you have in mind. Each situation is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Is there a way to print my comp reports?

Yes. When submitting a comp, you are asked which style report you want. Select the  simple line-item report. Select “landscape” mode on your printer, then print.

How far back does Investway’s data go?

Our MLS data may contain up to a five year history. The amount of historical data varies based on the data our MLS provider provides.

Can I make offers for property on Investway?

Yes! We are a licensed brokerage. To submit offers, you may email for help in submitting an offer.

Can Investway send my comps to multiple email addresses?

Investway accounts are limited to one email address per account. If you are trying to have comp reports emailed to a work and home address, or if you are trying to share comps with partners, you can sign up for a shared email account or use an email group forwarding feature. Most of the big free online email services allow you to do this. You can find more information on how to set this up here:

Can I share my login with others?

Due to agency and data licensing issues, our service agreement is between the member and Investway only. Any new members would need to register for their own account and agree to the terms of service posted on our site. As for partners and/or assistants, just be sure you trust them! Your private information, including some sensitive billing information, is accessible to whomever logs into your account. In addition, anyone using your account is able to change your account preferences, alter/delete your saved searches, and make changes to your account.

There should be sold comps on my comp report, but there aren’t any, or there aren’t very many. Why?

Probably because your comp report maxed out. If you look towards the top of the report, you may see this message: “Your report produced more than 250 property listings. Results are limited to the first 250 results.” Comp reports are limited to 250 total properties per report, including active, sold, and expired property. A cap of 250 keeps our database running efficiently, which keeps our members happy. A meaningful comp report can have as little as 5 and as many as 50 properties. Any report that has more than 250 total results means you need to better segment your report by size, age, or location. On comp reports, we prioritize sold property first, then active, then expired, so keep that in mind if you aren’t seeing any active or expired listings, as well.

Does Investway show property?

Yes. We can put you in contact with one of our partner agents. Simply contact us for more information.

Can I use my own REALTOR, or am I required to use an Investway REALTOR?

In short, yes, you may use any REALTOR. We are a licensed real estate brokerage, and we exclusively work with real estate investors, and we want your business. However, we don’t force you to use us as your agent. You can use our service and opt to work with another agent if you desire.

There is one exception: you may not have an exclusive buyer representation agreement with another REALTOR and use our service. If you have an exclusive agreement with another agent, then, naturally, your agent should be the one providing you with real estate information.

We are allowed under MLS rules and regulation to provide our data and service to “clients” and “potential clients.” Once you sign an exclusive buyer agency contract with another agent, you cease to be qualified as a “potential client,” and we can’t provide our service to you. Exclusive agency agreements usually aren’t a problem with most investors, since most don’t like to sign them.

The bottom line, you aren’t obligated to use us to purchase or sell your property, but if you do sign a buyer representation agreement with another agent, you should let us know, and we will need to cancel your service. This does not apply to listing agreements, as we exclusively work as a buyer agency.

Can I contact the listing agent directly?

Yes. Investway provides the name of the listing agent on the property detail page. From there, you can visit your local state’s Real Estate Commission’s public website and perform a search on the listing agent’s name to acquire his/her contact info.

That said, we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and work your offer. Our Agent Partners are highly qualified to help you create offers and close the deal on a property.

Where do I find the selling date and price on a sold property?

You need to pull a comp report on that property in order to see the sales price and date sold. Due to MLS licensing restrictions, we are limited in the ways we display data.

Can I get a list of expireds from Investway?

You can view a list of expireds as part of a comp report. MLS licensing rules and regulations prohibit us from providing you a downloadable or searchable expired listings report.

Can we tell when a listing is about to expire?

Only the listing agent and listing office know the listing expiration date while a property is still active. The expiration date of a listed property is not widely available to MLS-subscribers.

Can I get pending sales data from Investway?

MLS rules prohibit us from allowing you to directly search for pending properties. However, you are able to find pending sales on a comp report.

Does the sales price shown on the MLS include seller-paid contributions?

Yes. On the MLS, the sales price is the total selling price of the home, including any seller-paid contributions. We do try to disclose the actual seller-paid contributions if the data is available in the MLS, but the data inputed by selling agents isn’t always reliable.

Is there a way to search foreclosure property ONLY on the MLS?

Yes, there is a field in the MLS where the agent indicates the owner-type. Foreclosure is one of those options, and you are able to select this option in your MLS search on Investway.

Note: foreclosures are bank- or government-owned property. We do not currently offer pre-foreclosure or auction data, where property is still owned privately, but the mortgagee is threatening to foreclose due to missed payments.

Can I create a list of seller’s names and house addresses on Investway to save to a spreadsheet?

No. Our system is mainly for real estate analysis. MLS rules prohibit us from allowing you to data scrape.

What are your recommended system requirements to get the best Investway experience?

Investway is tested and best experienced in the latest operating systems and Internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. You may continue to use Investway using an outdated browser, but you may experience degraded performance, and the functionality of the site may not work as intended.

Do you have tax data?

Currently, the MLS listing data contains tax data fields. We include this information on the property detail page. However, we do not have separate tax data information at this time.

Does Investway include multi-family/commercial listings?

Investway is primarily for residential property. Some multi-family and commercial properties are included in the MLS, our primary data source, but residential properties are the shining star around here.

Can I list my property for sale on Investway?

Unfortunately, no. Investway doesn’t take listings at this time. We work exclusively as a buyer agency.

Does Investway have a FSBO section?

According to the National Association of REALTORs (NAR), For Sale By Owner properties only make up about 2-5% of all sold property in the nation. Investway focuses on the 95 to 98% of for-sale property, property listed for sale in the MLS.

Can we search for mobile homes?

Most MLS’s don’t classify mobile homes differently than it does single family property. Your best bet is to search with “mobile” or “manufactured housing” in the keywords field. Take note that most mobile homes for sale in the MLS are attached to land, and the land goes with the sale. If you are just looking to buy the home without the land, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Can we search for “cash only” deals?

We suggest you search the MLS marketing remarks using our “keyword” feature in the advanced options search section. Search for “cash” or “cash offers.”

I can’t find a specific property on Investway. Why?

If the property isn’t currently listed in the MLS, then you won’t find it on Investway’s search feature.

You may find the property on a comp report if it has been listed in the MLS within the last few years. Our data availability could be anywhere between one to five years, depending on the market history available to us.

When my real estate agent pulls data for me, and I compare it to Investway, there are discrepancies. Why?

More times than not, discrepancies are due to an agent not selecting the same criteria in the MLS as you select in Investway. If there truly are discrepancies, please contact us and provide screen shots, addresses, MLS #s, etc., so we can further investigate. Accurate data is our livelihood– and we take it very seriously.

How come some of the HUD listings aren’t updated?

The data we have comes directly off the MLS. So it is most likely that the HUD agents aren’t updating the HUD listings as soon as changes are made. For additional info on HUD, VA and other government property, visit

Can I change my email/login?

You can change your email by logging into your account. Go to myProfile, then click on your email address. Enter your new email address and click the blue check mark. IMPORTANT: Once you change your email address, the new email address will be your new username/login.


Can I change my password? What makes up an acceptable password? What can I do if I forgot my password?

You can change your password by logging into your account. Go to myProfile, then click on “change password.” Enter your old password and your new password as requested, then click the blue check mark. Your password can be any combination of letters and numbers, needs to be at least 6 characters long, and not more than 20 characters in length. Passwords are not case-sensitive. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can select “Forgot your password?” and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Do you sell/give my information to others?

No. Period. Please read our privacy policy for more information.