How long does it take to receive my comps via email? Why am I not receiving comps to my email address? Why do you have to deliver comps via email?

After you hit “submit” on a comp, you should get a message that says your comps are sent. Once you get this notice, your comps have left our servers and are on their way to your inbox. If there is a delay of more than a minute or two, check your junk email folder.

To avoid future emails going to your junk folder, be sure to add the following addresses to your “safe senders” list: (for comp reports) (for email alerts of listings) (for customer service communications)

If your comps didn’t even make it to your “junk” folder, then it is most likely that your Email Service Provider (ESP) flagged the email as SPAM, and never sent it to you. Mail providers are constantly changing and trying to improve their spam filtering, so it is possible that you were receiving your comps just fine until changes were made by your ESP. For more info on how to solve problems related to your ESP, check out this blog post “We’re at the Mercy of the ISP Gods”

Our most trusted email provider that regularly delivers comps without issue is If your email provider is not delivering our comps, consider creating a free gmail account.

Why do we have to deliver comps via email? Per MLS Licensing Rules and Regulations, we are required to email you comps. We are not allowed to link to them directly on our website.

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