Welcome to the New Investway!

We’ve re-invested heavily in the company over the last year; we’ve added some key people to our team; we have plans for adding a lot more great features, and we are on the brink of adding new markets! With that . . . drum roll. . . . We’re proud to release . . . .

the ALL- NEW Investway 3.0
starting 9/19/2013

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the new features you’ve been begging for:

Pictures: First off, you can actually see them! (Do I hear a “Hear! Hear!”) You can easily scroll through the pics without re-load time, and view large-scale pics, too.

Mobile Friendly: Use Investway on your iPad, your smart phones, and even some of your stupid phones.

Easy-to-Revise Comps and Search: If you didn’t like your search results, no more hitting the “back” button. Revise your search criteria and comps criteria on-the-fly. Re-load. Revise. Re-load.

Polygon Search Tool: Searching a radius circle is great if the neighborhood you want is perfectly circular. Now you can “draw” in your neighborhood search.

All-new look and feel: Our old site was so . . . 2000’s. . . it was definitely time for a face lift!

We can’t wait to announce all the new features and new markets as they come available. We’re excited and hope you are, too!