Our Business is Your Business

At Investway, we’ve dedicated ourselves to a single purpose: empowering real estate investors with the data and tools they need to succeed. We’ve been a leading source of real estate tools, data and services to real estate entrepreneurs since 2007.

Using the latest technologies, up-to-the minute data, and user-friendly design, Investway helps RE investors get down to work, securing a comfortable future for themselves and their families by acquiring real estate– without all the distracting fluff and hype.

The Founders

Timothy Smith is the resident real estate entrepreneur turned software entrepreneur guy. Tim is responsible for safe-guarding the user experience of our application and keeps the innovations coming. When his nose isn’t buried behind a computer screen concocting code, you’ll find him playing tag with moose, dancing with wolves mountain goats or free falling down snowy mountain sides.

Jeremy Miller loves danger– and by danger, we mean he’s the first to dive into uncharted territory of any kind. Whether that is exploring new ways of doing old things, or new ways of doing new things, he’s our ultra-man always pushing for new ultra-cool stuff. His nicknames include “The Status Quo Smasher.” Jeremy’s a hard man to catch; like Forrest Gump he just keeps on running and running and running. . . .

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