A Short List of Free Online Email Services

You will need an email account to use Investway to its fullest potential.

If you don’t have an email account yet . . . don’t fret. There are a few free email services out there that will suit you just great.

Free email accounts are great to use since you can create your own account name and password, then check your email from any computer that has Internet access. You don’t have to load programs or use a specific computer. Most online email services include the use of attachments and many of the popular features of premium email.

Here’s some suggestions:

GMail/ Google Mail

Gmail is our personal favorite. You can check out why at our blog post “Why Everyone Should Use Gmail for Their Email.” Go to www.gmail.com and click on the “Sign Up for GMail” link to get started.


Go to www.hotmail.com and click on the “sign up” icon.


Yahoo Mail
Go to www.yahoo.com and click on the “mail” icon and look for the sign up link.


One thing to consider is to make up a fun “vanity” email address instead of using whatever email address they assign you to use. Here’s an example: instead of “johndoe36987@gmail.com” make up something unique and memorable such as “johnshousedeal@gmail.com.” Just something to consider for starters . . . .

Happy free emailing!


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