How Does Investway Provide MLS and Comps Data? Isn’t This Data “Sacred?”

Investway, LLC is a licensed real estate brokerage that works exclusively with real estate investors in the market to purchase real estate. If that’s you, we want your business.

As a licensed real estate brokerage that actively subscribes to and pays dues to your local MLS, we are authorized to access their data feeds, our primary source of data. The difference between us and other brokerages is what we do with that data and how we empower real estate entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to quickly find, analyze, and purchase real estate.

We are allowed under state law and MLS rules and regulation to provide our data and service to “clients” and “potential clients.” We have clients who utilize our tools and subsequently purchase real estate through our automated system. We also have potential clients that utilize our tools and services and decide to take their purchase business elsewhere.

Certainly, you aren’t obligated to use us to purchase your property, but if you do sign a buyer representation agreement with another agent, you should let us know, and we will need to cancel your membership. Naturally, the agent whom you’ve established an agreement with will need to provide you with data. But as long as you don’t have a buyer representation agreement signed with someone else, you can still be our “potential client” (and any other agent’s for that matter) and we can continue to strive to earn your business.

If you decide to take your purchase business elsewhere, that’s OK. Tell us about the agent you want to work with, and we may be able to connect with them, and help them and you work more efficiently together.

In sum, Investway, LLC is a licensed real estate brokerage that can empower you to find, analyze, and buy real estate with the tools and data you need to make a purchase decision.

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  1. I think your service is incredible. The only missing piece I need is to gain access to the property so I can figure the cost of repairs. Do you have agents on staff to work with me? Thanks, Tom

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