We’re at the Mercy of the ISP Gods

Our members request a comp report . . . we send it away at lightning speed, but every once it a great while, it gets “pulled over” on the information highway before arriving in your email inbox.

Unfortunately, our delivery of comps to your email inbox is at the the mercy of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and ESPs (Email Service Providers) who have a complicated process of trying to prevent unwanted emails from getting into your inbox.

Processes are always changing, too, so you may have received emails previously without problems. For example, during the holidays, there is a higher volume of emails speeding along the information highway, and this makes providers increase what they consider “spam” and can sometimes delay or prevent emails from delivering.

So what can be done? Really there is only one viable solution. Switch your ESP and get a new email address. Sure, you and I can holler at your ESP for ineffectively trying to do their job. But, the fastest and best way to solve your problem is just to switch.

We should note here that some of the most challenging ESPs for getting your email delivered is Verizon, Earthlink, Comcast, and AOL. Sorry . . . but they’re hyper sensitive about SPAM, and we’ve had issues before with these providers.

What email services do we recommend? Gmail. (Period.) You can read more about why we recommend Gmail at our blog post “Why Everyone Should Use Gmail for Their Email.”

In addition, please make sure to add the following to your safe-sender list:

comps@investway.com (for comp reports)
deals@investway.com (for email alerts of listings)
service@investway.com (for customer service communications)
nuggets@investway.com (for special announcements or promotions)

For simple instructions on how to add email addresses to your safe senders list with popular email providers, visit this site.

This article is provided by Investway, LLC. (c) 2013. For more information, visit www.investway.com