Why Everyone Should Use Gmail for Their Email

AOL, Mindspring, Time Warner/ Road Runner, Yahoo, Verizon, Gmail . . . your choices for email accounts are virtually unlimited. But I stand today on my soapbox to shamelessly tell all why I think everybody should use gmail for their email.

Reason #1: If you use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for email (john.doe@tx.rr.com), it’s inevitable that you will be coerced into changing your email address when your company merges/ aquires/ bankrupts, etc. Not to mention, you might want to switch ISP’s one day. I don’t know about you, but I like my email address to remain predictable for years to come!

Reason #2: When it comes to SPAM filtering, Google ROCKS! Google blocks the ones you don’t want to see (I can’t remember the last time I saw a Viagra email. . . .), and lets through the ones you DO want to see– like Investway’s comp reports.

Reason #3: It’s FREE!!! And you get tons of storage space. With my Gmail account, I have EVERY email archived that I’ve EVER sent or received (I get hundreds of email a day) and I currently use 1.6Gigs– only 22% of the currently allowed space. And by the way, Google’s allowed storage space is growing faster than I can fill it.

Reason #4: You get an automatic searchable archive of all your received and sent email– including attachments. Talk about a great back-up!

Reason #5: Traveling? No problem. You can access your Gmail from anywhere. All you need is Internet access, your login and password!

Reason #6: For you fancy pants out there, Google can power your own private email address with your own customized email name like john.doe@fancypants.com. Check out Google apps at www.google.com/a for details on this nifty feature.

Reason #7: Gmail powers all of Investway’s corporate email. If we can trust it, so can you! (We used to have our own fancy, dedicated email exchange server with expensive maintenance and software, but Google just works better, and it is FREE!)

Reason #8: You get access to other cool Google services: iGoogle, Picasa, Google docs, Google reader and more.

Reason #9: Unlike Hotmail or Yahoo, you can use your Google Gmail account with your favorite email program, like Outlook. You can even get your email on your iPhone or other smart phone.

Reason #10: Having a Gmail account “says” something about you. You’re cool and hip with a Gmail email. AOL . . . I’m sorry . . . .

Whatever you want to do with your email– Google will handle it with a breeze.

Here’s how you set up a Gmail account:

  • Visit www.gmail.com
  • Click on “Sign Up for Gmail” in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Fill in your personal info, and you’re off and running!

Happy Gmailing!


This article is provided by Investway, LLC. (c) 2013. For more information, visit www.investway.com